This is How a False Arrest Happens

This is how a false arrest happens: Last month my client and I appeared in court for his case (3 citations). We asked the judge for a continuance and the clerk reset the case to October. My client called me on Saturday at 11:00am to tell me that a postcard from the Atlanta PD warrant division had just arrived in the mail. The postcard told him to call the warrant division to resolve his failure to appear in court. There was a warrant out for his arrest! My client refused to leave his home until I got the warrant recalled. Yes, the warrant had been issued in error and yes, the clerk apologized for continuing only two of the three cases, but my client could have been arrested when for example a police officer routinely ran his license plate while driving to the grocery store.  The individuals named as defendants in the civil rights suits we handle and human being who sometimes negligently carry out their job duties. The Prince Firm successfully settled two such cases this year.

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