Adjustment of Status Interview/Green Card – Tip #4: File and Submit Joint Tax Returns!

As I prepare each new couple for the adjustment of status/Green Card interview, I start by telling them that their burden at the interview is greater that two natural born American citizens who met three days ago and married a day later. Understanding this, couples must document their relationship with credible evidence. To this end, once you are able to – file joint tax returns! It is not acceptable to file Single. Filing Head of Household might be okay under specific circumstances. Tax returns are BIG on the list of supporting documents that USCIS will consider when assessing the validity of your marriage.

While immigration forms may, in some instances, appear simple, there are innumerable details and regulations not included in the instructions that slow or assist your case in being approved. Some individuals believe that these nuances are best left in the hands of a legal professional – only you know what is best for you and your loved ones!  Attorney Prince has years of experience processing family-based petitions and is available to help you with your petition.  Call us at (678) 705-5409.