Your US Citizenship Can Be Revoked!

Just recently United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) revoked the citizenship of a Nigerian-born Georgia resident after he was convicted in federal court on immigration fraud charges. The man became a naturalized citizen some eight (8) years ago in approximately 2009. In 1998 the man had applied for asylum and permanent resident status under […]

Adjustment of Status Interview/Green Card – Tip #4: File and Submit Joint Tax Returns!

As I prepare each new couple for the adjustment of status/Green Card interview, I start by telling them that their burden at the interview is greater that two natural born American citizens who met three days ago and married a day later. Understanding this, couples must document their relationship with credible evidence. To this end,[…..]

Adjustment of Status Interview/Green Card – Tip #3: Take the Right Kind of Pictures!

First, take pictures with your spouse. Second, take pictures with meaningful content. Pictures of you and your spouse at home sitting on the couch or laying in bed are of little value in showing a bona fide marriage. Pictures of you two at the park, dining at a restaurant, at church, or attending a function[…..]

Adjustment of Status Interview/Green Card – Tip #2: Dress Similar!

I have attended very many adjustments of status interviews and the things I see and probing questions I hear asked of my clients never ceases to put a curious smile on my face. Tip # 2 – Be similarly dressed for the interview! If you and your spouse are leaving from the same house on[…..]

Adjustment of Status Interview/Green Card – Tip #1: Know how to spell your spouse’s name!

Immigration officers can and will ask you to spell your spouse’s name especially when that name is unusual, difficult to pronounce or spell, or just lengthy. I tell my clients that if they don’t know an answer don’t make up one, instead admit “I don’t know.” The spelling of your spouse’s name is NOT, however,[…..]