Your US Citizenship Can Be Revoked!

Just recently United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) revoked the citizenship of a Nigerian-born Georgia resident after he was convicted in federal court on immigration fraud charges. The man became a naturalized citizen some eight (8) years ago in approximately 2009.
In 1998 the man had applied for asylum and permanent resident status under one name. USCIS denied the application and the man was later was ordered deported from the United States. The man then assumed his current identity, and again applied for political asylum in 2005. He was granted asylum with the second application.
In 2009, the man applied for naturalization. His application was approved and he became a naturalized citizen. The man indicated on his application that he had never used another identity and had never been ordered deported. He confirmed this information at his naturalization interview. As is customary, the man was fingerprinted in connection with his naturalization application. Now years later, the Justice Department later matched the man’s fingerprints to the person who had been ordered deported in 2009.
Setting aside clearly fraudulent behavior, there are other not so obvious ways that a person could end up having their US citizenship revoked. I recommend speaking with an experienced immigration attorney before submitting your immigration application. You may contact us at (678) 705-5409 to schedule a consultation.